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The membership of SANS is open to every human being of good character , result-oriented mind and have love for humanity. He/She can be of any age, belonging to any profession, any religion, any nationality. Proposal for the membership can be sent to the office of SANS by post or e-mail, by phone or by personal visit by duly completing the membership form.

Subscription Fee

One time registration fee is Rs. 200 for Indian Nationals and US $6.99 for NRIs and Foreigners. After that fees payable every month. At present it is : Payable annually either at the time of enrollment or before 31st March of every year.
Monthly Yearly Subscription
a) INR 100/- for Students in India. a) INR 1000/- for Students in India.
b) INR 150/- for other Indian citizens. b) INR 1500/- for other Indian citizens.
c) US $4.99 for NRIs and foreigners. c) US $50 for NRIs and foreigners.
Two Passport Size photographs are to be sent alongwith the membership form.

* For ID card, INR 20/- extra.

Registration Form

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